Andreas Trügler

Details about my work and research.


FWF Project: Centennial Climate Drivers of Glacier Changes in Greenland

Andreas Trügler

2-Minute Read

Weg_RE project

In this FWF funded project we take an interdisciplinary approach to improve our understanding between glacier changes and the underlying climatic drivers. The project is based on archival data from the legendary expedition of the Graz-based researcher Alfred Wegener in the years 1929-1931. During this ambitious expedition climatological and glaciological data were collected, which are excellently documented and available for the project in the archives of Graz University.


FWF 1000 Ideas - Reading the Past from the Surface of the Earth

Andreas Trügler

1-Minute Read

RePaSe project

A new approach to archeological and historical remote sensing based on AI solutions!


FWF Science Communication Project - Quarks and Nanoparticles

Andreas Trügler

1-Minute Read

QUANT project

QUANT is a science communication project funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) where we have collaborated with about a dozen different school classes to bring topics from basic research into the classroom. We have created an online platform that can still be used by anyone interested in physics at the nanoscale and beyond. The topics reach from the origin of mass and Higgs bosons to metamaterials and how to make things invisble.

Research Interests


I'm a scientist and researcher working on privacy-preserving machine learning applications.