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Andreas Trügler

Details about my work and research.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Data-driven analytics for applied and interdisciplinary research

Andreas Trügler

2-Minute Read

There seems to be a problem with this image...

Machine learning algorithms are a fascinating set of tools that opened up completely new ways of analytics and evaluations. Modern neural networks outperform human capabilities when it comes to image recognition, reinforcement learning approaches allow computers to learn new tasks with incredible speed and many of the large scientific experiments would not be possible without the application of algorithmes that have learned to deal with the plethora of generated data.

Earth observation and geoscience

Applying machine learning to satellite imagery and climate data

Andreas Trügler

1-Minute Read

Earth observation

One of the great things about machine learning algorithms is that they can be applied to so many different fields and problems, thats one of the main reasons why working with them is so fascinating. Due to my passion for mountains, snow and remote areas like Greenland or Svalbard, linking them with geoscience and glaciology was kind of obvious for me.


From cancer therapy to invisibility - the promises of light-matter interactions at the nanoscale

Andreas Trügler

2-Minute Read


Half a century ago it was Richard Feynman who first talked about the incredible possibilities if we investigate physics at the nanoscale (There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom, 1959, Caltech). It took nearly 20 years until this first concepts became reality.

Research Interests


I'm a scientist and researcher working on privacy-preserving machine learning applications.