Andreas Trügler

Details about my work and research.


FFG Comet Module DDAI - Data-Driven, Explainable, Privacy-Preserving AI

Andreas Trügler

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DDAI Module

In close collaboration with all research areas at Know-Center I’m currently working as project leader of the DDAI Comet Module. It is a large research project with nine PhD positions and focusses on privacy-preserving, explainable, data-driven AI.


Horizon 2020 Project TRUSTS - Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space

Andreas Trügler

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TRUSTS project

The vision of the Horizon 2020 TRUSTS project is to create a fully operational and GDPR-compliant European online data marketplace with initial use cases from the financial and telecom operator sector.


FFG ASAP - Snow avalanche detection and forecasting for the Austrian Alps

Andreas Trügler

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RePaSe project

Avalanche forecasting is currently done by human experts, but the overall avalanche activity of a specific region is often unknown even though this information is very important to deliver accurate predictions. In this project we combine data from satellites together with machine learning algorithms to provide insights on avalanche activities all over the Austrian Alpine region.

Research Interests


I'm a scientist and researcher working on privacy-preserving machine learning applications.